Kia ora! blogMy name is Andie, I’m an 18-year old genderqueer student, and a left-libertarian based in Melbourne, Australia, but born in Wellington, New Zealand. I’ve just finished my first year at the University of Melbourne, and am the Vice-chairperson of Australia and New Zealand Students for Liberty.

I decided to start blogging because I am frustrated with our current system of corrupt “pro-jobs” corporatism, spurred on by public debt and a broken banking system, but also with responses to this, calling for state socialism, radical increases in government power, and attacks on economic freedom – which would do little to nothing to solve the issues at hand.

I want to spread awareness and get people talking about a truly free society, which is decentralised, lacking in privileges, and non-aggressive. Instead of today’s society, which is built on colonisation, war, eminent domain and artificial hierarchies, institutionalised and reproduced through the state, I advocate for a freed market world of individualism and liberation.

Equally, I want to approach liberty from a different discipline. Economics is amazing as a means to explain the way resources are allocated, how policy affects people, and how society deals with issues – but it often fails in explaining the initial reasons for human action, or the ways humans inform their choices. I thus strive to apply the humanities to libertarianism, using them to deconstruct a statist world, and justify a less authoritarian one.

All in all, I made this little blog to talk about liberty, not as a defence of the status quo, not from the modern left of right wing, but as a promotion and discussion of a radical alternative. I hope you enjoy, peace out~


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